“Shock Body” is the fourth track on Talib Kweli‘s 2002 solo-release, Quality. Produced by DJ Scratch, “Shock Body” shines brightly even though there are several other hits scattered across this album, including “Guerrilla Monsoon Rap” and “Get By”, both produced by Kanye West. Like a body-builder victoriously flexing his swollen bicep in a championship contest, Kweli skillfully moves through this tongue-twister of a song with a contagious confidence that …Read More

“Konichiwa Bitches” is the fifteenth track on Method Man’s 2006 album, 4:21 …The Day After. 4:21 …The Day After is perhaps the most important album to be spawned from depths of the prestigious Wu-Tang Clan family. The album features a wise-beyond-his-years Method Man front and center accompanied by a familiar crew, including the likes of Redman and the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Method Man’s lyrical work in his prime puts …Read More

“Suicidal Thoughts”, produced by Lord Finesse, is the 17th and final track on the critically acclaimed Ready to Die album by The Notorious B.I.G. A thoroughly prophetic lyricist, The Notorious B.I.G. brings chills to my spine with “Suicidal Thoughts” on every listen. The most troubling aspect of Biggie’s career is of course his death. The event is tragic, yet poetic, considering his two albums both refer to death …Read More

“Succumb” is the title track on GDP’s 2008 Succumb 7″ release. GDP is the definition of overlooked. Sure, what independent rapper doesn’t deserve more attention? I know, I know. This is different. I swear. GDP was introduced to me along with the video for “Succumb”. What I saw was a raw, new-age talent that seemed more melting pot than stale bread. Watching him sitting on that couch, being driven …Read More

“The World Is Yours” is the fourth track off Nas’s 1994 critically acclaimed, Illmatic. Being the third single off Illmatic must be difficult for a song – talk about pressure. I’m not sure anyone realized that this track would be considered one of the greatest hip-hop songs ever recorded, even 20 years later. But here we are.   Illmatic has been praised ad nauseam, and it deserves every positive …Read More